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International Relocation

Property can be one of the most time-consuming and expensive issues for both your company and your employee to deal with during an international relocation, particularly if property provisions are made in your relocation policy.

At Premier Relocation, our range of tailored programmes will ensure that all property issues are dealt with swiftly and for the maximum benefit of both you and your employee.

Lease renewal

If the length of the relocation is short-term or an unknown duration, Premier Relocation’s advisors can negotiate short leases and their renewals on your behalf.

Should your assignee have property in the UK that they wish to rent out in the meantime, we can also assist with all aspects of this process.

Home Sale & Purchase

Premier Relocation’s specialist advisors can assist on all aspects of property sale and purchase for you and your assignees, whether that involves selling property owned in this country or buying a home in their new location.

It’s rare for a house sale to be completed before an international relocation takes place, so your employee can leave this in our expert hands, safe in the knowledge that we will see it through to completion.

Expense Management

In the midst of a life-changing international relocation, the last thing your employees need to worry about is whether they have enough money in their pocket.

Our expense management systems can help ensure that any reimbursable expenses are refunded to your assignees quickly and efficiently, removing the potential of financial concerns.

Vacant Property Management

If your relocating employee needs to leave their home unoccupied for a period of time, it’s vital to deploy a vacant property management service. This can help ensure that any maintenance issues are identified and addressed, as well as preventing problems from occurring.

For example, we can ensure the water system is drained down, so that pipes won’t freeze over the winter.

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