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Rhino Boy Chris Green


40 Ultra, Mara and Rhinothons in 20 months

How could you not love a Rhino? I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember, so I struggle to get my head around how anyone could mean them harm. I’ve felt the Rhino love out there on the streets and from the Marathon crowds when I have run by dressed as a Rhino. So its all the more shocking to me that they there are others in this world who would see them murdered simply for their horns.

That twisted trade in rhino horn has pushed this magnificent species to the very brink of extinction. So heartbroken by their plight and inspired by the work of Save The Rhino . I am taking on 40 Ultra, Mara and Rhinothons over 20 months and am asking for your help every step of the way. Starting in 2018, I have so far run over 840 miles in 27 different events and need you to be a Rhino fan also, to keep this momentum going.

Every run is a different test from a gruelling100 mile Ultra by the Thames to climbing Beachy Heads endless cliffs again and again during successive Ultra events.

I’ve tried to stir up some animal love when running as Tarzan around the North Downs and enjoyed the huge honor again of being a Rhino for a day when running in Manchester, London and other Marathon courses in the full Rhino costume. I am so proud as well, that at the London Marathon I even managed to achieve a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!!

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